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Business Succession


Talent Succession.

We find it. We grow it. We promote it.

There are 360 Degrees for a reason … why stick to one?

Talents are not just the backbone of every organisation but the biggest competitive advantage.

The Future of Work is about Humans and not Robots but it requires a new way of Talent Attraction, Acquisition and Retention to stay competitive and relevant in the Market.

And this is where we come in - a Team of Specialists, working together to deliver a smooth and integrated end-to-end experience!

Petra Zink - Talent & Branding

Petra is a Coach, Speaker and Educator on all things Career & Personal Development, Branding, High Performance and Innovation. 

She helps Companies and Senior Professionals to build strong Businesses and Careers by building and managing a strong sustainable Brand.  

Petra combines 10 years experience in Brand & Product Marketing in FMCG industries with 5 years in Recruitment to is working with high performing individuals and teams on building and managing their now Personal & Employer Brand (online & offline) for maximum impact - to perform at their best in their role of today but also preparing them for their careers and businesses of tomorrow. 

Her speciality is to build Teams based on Potential and seeing Talents in action. She introduced the concept of Hackathons for Recruitment for fast growing Businesses.

Genevieve Ryan - Global Teams & Culture

Genevieve is a specialist to help companies build virtual working cultures, global teams and talent that thrive in future of work communities.

She has spent 15 years supporting companies in various support, coaching and training roles. During that time, she has developed a passion for building high performing cultures, flexible working programs and the changing face of customer experiences in the digital era.

Over the last five years, she has specialised in offshoring solutions for Australian based organisations and creating programs of work that help integrate onshore and offshore teams, diversity and inclusion and cross cultural leadership.

Combining her knowledge of working in virtual teams, global teams and service based industries, Genevieve has helped businesses to integrate sustainable work cultures and environments that future of work talent thrive in.

Leanne Hughes - Learning & Development

Leanne can help you find new angles on your material, develop your confidence and write workshops you can’t wait to present.

She loves to shake up expectations and create unpredictable experiences.

She brings 12 years’ of experience across a variety of industries including mining, tourism, and vocational education and training. She has led presentation skills workshops, leadership and development programs, and on-boarding initiatives.

And if that isn’t enough, she is also the host of The First Time Facilitator, a podcast that helps to kill workshops & presentations.