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‘I think‘ is not a Strategy …

Traditional recruitment focuses on today and your immediate needs.

The360Talent.Co maps out your needs of today and tomorrow so you have a clear understanding of your Talent Strategy and use it to optimise your Talent potential combined with the Business direction.

Why Talent Mapping is probably the most important, yet overlooked piece in the puzzle

A recent Korn Ferry study that included a country-by-country analysis has shown that the biggest issue isn’t that robots are taking all the jobs—it’s that there aren’t enough humans to actually perform

According to the study, we will face a global Talent shortage of 85 Million people by 2030 which is can result in about $8.5 trillion unrealised annual revenues. 

The Talent shortage is seen across industries and continents. The study examined supply and demand in 20 economies across the world in three broad industries: finance/business services, technology/ media/ telecommunications, and manufacturing.

In order to not be trapped in Talent shortage, mapping out existing Talent to then overlay it with Business goals is how you can bridge the gap early on but also helps to navigate the actions more effective and efficient.

Simply adding and recruiting more Talents is often not the answer for growing a Business and its capabilities.

Through Talent mapping we link your existing workforce’s skills, performance and potential with your business goals and help you manage the balance between your high potentials and your high performers in a strategic way and work out from there your actual needs for different and/or additional skills and qualities aligned with your current and future business direction.

Whilst high performing Talents may be on top of their game now, it doesn’t mean they are equipped for future changes but are critical for today’s success and need to be developed differently to high potentials.

Those can be detrimental to your organisational talent success as they are not on top of their game yet but have a very high possibility to become high performers of tomorrow when identified, developed and coached in line with internal and external changes.

Knowing where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there in the most efficient way can save you a lot of money, time and disappointment early on.

Talent Mapping isn’t just an effective practise to retain staff as it enables insights into their goals and aspirations and serves as base for their development within the organisation but also helps to build a pipeline for future Talent Strategies.

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