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We help you to bring Entrepreneurship in-house and build an intrapreneurial Culture!

Once the recruitment and on-boarding is done, your Talent has settled in and knows now the ropes of your Business and their role, the fun part starts … if done right!

Studies show that reason number one for Talents leaving organisations is their (perceived) lack of development and growth (aka boredom).

However, in this fast paced world, change is the only constant and having proactive Talents in your organisation who can think entrepreneurial and ahead whilst preferring an organisational environment is what your competitive advantage can be right there.

Intrapreneurship The360Talent.Co

How we do it?

By applying the 70 : 20 : 10 rule and combine on the job training, group & 1:1 Coaching with traditional learning and training to make the content most relevant to each Talent’s current situation and environment, minimise the time and maximise the effectiveness as Talent’s are empowered to navigate their career progression within the organisation through some external help so your HR team can focus on the day to day management.

Intrapreneurship The360Talent.Co

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