Talent On-Boarding


Focus on your onboarding if you want to fuel growth

It is critical to have an onboarding program that transitions talent you attract and validates that their decision to work with you aligns to their purpose, values and personal goals.

Most people will determine how loyal they are to an organisation based on the experience of their first 120 days with you, so having an effective onboarding process will reduce the risk of unnecessary costs and attrition.

We collect feedback from newly onboarded hires and onboarding stakeholders to understand your current state and learning outcomes from onboarding.

We then use the information gathered from employees and leaders (such as HR, team leaders and L&D) to refined the onboarding objectives and tighten the scope of your onboarding program.

This approach will help in setting onboarding objectives that are well-rounded, impactful and relevant to the future.

We work with you to determine your onboarding objectives using the framework below:

The360Talent.Co Talent Onboarding Process

Who you are – basic organisational understanding

What you do and who are your customers – understanding the organisation’s products, services and features as well as how they meet customer needs

How you serve – skills and techniques to understand customers and the staff workflows, providing low-effort issue resolution

Where to find support – tools and resources to enable success.


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