Hackathons for Digital, Marketing, Tech & Design Talents


Quicker, more precise and sustainable results for when you need to hire fast and large

What better way to recruit for future potential than to see it in action today?

Hackathons have become popular for experienced professionals, focusing on solving a certain problem.

However, we use the idea of hackathons to look behind the curtain of how Talents work in a real type environment to answer the following questions:

  • How do they tackle the challenge?

  • How do they come up with ideas and solutions?

  • How do they communicate with each other?

  • How do they present themselves and their ideas to others?

  • How do they interact with the rest of the team in stressful but also social settings?

The360Talent.Co Recruitment Hackathon for IT, Technology, Digital, Marketing Talents

Today’s Talents solve tomorrow’s problems. But how do you know if the people you hire are the right fit for your organisation, based on 2-3 conversations?

Hackathons don’t just drastically reduce the recruitment process as only pre-qualified talents are invited to a one day event with all relevant stakeholder from the organisations and hiring decisions are made from there as a team but also drastically improves the quality of hire decisions due to a comprehensive report that includes:

  • Background information (CV, portfolios)

  • Notes from observations from the event

  • Future potential (Personality test result)


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