Talent Attraction and Acquisition is one thing. Developing, growing and keeping the best Talents is another thing.

We know how hard it is in the first place to grow your Team so we help you to not only keep them but assist them in their growth journey within your company based on their strength, their goals and how to combine it with the commercial direction of the company.

How we do this?

We bring Entrepreneurship inside your Organisation!

Intrapreneurship =

Passion + Profitability + Purpose + Performance


It’s not a hit and run approach.

We know how hard it is to find the right Talents in the first place, leave alone how big of a loss (financially, emotionally and of course resource-wise) it is when they leave.

This is why we work with you 360!

We work with you to ensure that you attract the right Talents for your organisation through compelling and consistent Employer Branding & Marketing (from Positioning to Messaging and everything in between) to creating an enjoyful experience going through the application process to the ongoing Talent & Career development from within.


Talents are more educated than ever before, have access to more information than every before and have also a very different idea of what an ideal career looks like.


17 Jobs. 5 Careers. 1.8 Years/Role.

These Figures are the Predictions for an average Millennial Career Path.


Not only the competition for attracting the best Talent is intensifying because of the more fluid and flexibility seeking workforce but also the requirements to retain them.


It is not just about making an Income anymore. Talents want to make an Impact and leave their Mark with a Company.


High performing people thrive in environments where they can grow and reinvent themselves. This doesn't only contribute to a more engaged and productive workforce but also helps companies to innovate and grow faster and more sustainably.


This is where we come in!

Over a Period of 6+ months, we work with you and your staff to develop intrapreneurial capabilities and culture of self-driven learning and performance at their highest potential. 

All based on insights from testing so we can connect Ideas with capabilities and profitability before others do!

The360TalentCo Intrapreneurship Academy

ThE Intrapreneurship Academy follows the 70:20:10 Principle and is delivered in the following Modules:

The360TalentCo Intrapreneurship Program

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