Let us help you future-proof your biggest asset,

your people.

We are a 360 talent consultancy that focuses on more than recruitment.

We attract, recruit, retain and grow high performing teams - not only for roles of today but equipped for the future.


of Companies

state that they do not have future ready talent*

*Adecco Group


of skill requirements

will change by 2022*

*World Economic Forum


of Jobs

have the Potential to be replaced by Technology & AI*

*Oxford University Study


of Companies want to focus on Retention

to combat skill shortage by retaining existing staff*

*World Economic Forum


Your people are your greatest competitive advantage.

We make sure you don’t just get them but you also keep them!


Attracting and retaining the best Talents

requires best practises.

This is what we can do for you!

Talent Attraction

In a candidate short market, being considered as employer of choice is critical for your Talent succession.

You can’t be chosen if nobody knows about you and/or knows you for the wrong reasons.

We help you with your initial Talent mapping to assess requirements which is the base for developing and managing your Employer Branding and Marketing campaigns in line with your Business goals.

Based on the Strategy, we connect you with relevant communities like Universities, Industry Bodies, Interest Groups etc where you can build your Brand through sponsorships, speaking engagements, advertising, etc,

The360Talent Co Recruitment

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment for the Future of Work

Hackathons (for more than 5 new hires) & motivation based onterviews + personality test results (for tactical recruitment)

Our focus is to recruit for potential, not just proficiency. The best way to see people’s potential is to see them in action.

We organise and manage full-day hackathons with pre-screened and qualified Talents, aligned with your culture and business objectives if you need to grow your team significantly.

For tactical and individual recruitment, we go beyond traditional CVs in our selection process:

We are matching the purpose of your business with personality, proficiency and potential by using independent Tests and proven Coaching methods.

Offshoring & Global Teams

More and more Australian businesses of all sizes are offshoring staff and this trend is only set to increase in the future for various advantages:

  • a highly skilled remote global workforce

  • significant cost savings (up to 70% in Australian salaries in some industries)

  • first class technology Business continuity in operations

  • sustainable growth and scalability

    Similarly, Talents are looking for work that is more mobile and less location dependant.

    Technology now allows for organisations to offer remote working conditions for both local and offshore teams to integrate and work together efficiently when the set up is done the right way!

Talent Development & Retention

Reason nr 1 why staff is leaving is boredome and the (perceived) opinion to not being able to grow and learn anymore.

We turn the tables and help your staff to develop careers within your organisation (intrapreneurs) by aligning their strengths, interests and passions with potential, profit and purpose of your business.

The aim is to facilitate ongoing learning curves for your staff that doesn’t only keep them engaged, up to date and valuable for the organisation but also gives the business the competitive edge as the responsibility to look around the corner is not dependent on line managers or the HR department.



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